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8°hadr cover, 188 pages, 1 plate, 12 graphs, 1 Map, 17 tables, ISBN 88-87235.26-0, 2002Euro 48

SOMMARIO: Table of Contents Preface (by M.H.Crawford) Introduction, Acknowledgements. Note on Use of the Inventory of Roman Republican Coin Hoards from Bulgaria (1. Homogeneus Hoards 2.Mixed Hoards. 3.Single Roman Republican Coins) An Attempt at Alalysis and Conclusions. remarks on Territorial Distribution, Bibliography on Roman Repubblican Coins. Chronology. Appendices 1-4. Indices. Plate.

A total of 164 sites, 132 deposits and 32 sporadic coin hoards, are documented. The authors discuss and analyze the most important aspects of the circulation of denarii in the region of Moesia-Thrace during the Republican and Imperial periods. The volume also contains a distribution map, synoptic tables, and twelve graphs.